April 21, 2017 nydia

Trust the simplicity of life

Happy Monday lovelies!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, sprinkled with love and tenderness towards yourselves.

Here’s a self-love affirmation for the week: I trust the simplicity of life.

I don’t know for you, but for me leaning towards simplicity isn’t always easy.

Because of my life experiences, I’m used to the idea of always having to be ready to fight and the worst case scenario being the only scenario.

But as I embarked on this self-love journey, I realized that I thought this way because deep down, I didn’t believe that I deserved simplicity, that somehow I was destined to live a complicated life. So when faced with difficult situations, I only envisioned complicated outcomes.

Can you relate?

Allah, God, the Universe, our Ancestors, the higher forces we believe in want us to be happy and live a life of abundance. If we believe that, then we start to trust the simplicity of life. We begin to trust that simple scenarios are all around us, waiting for us to realize their existence.

This week, let’s try to look at the different situations we are dealing with and think of simple ways we can resolve them. Let’s come back here and share how it goes, ok?

Have a simple week lovelies!