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Love U Journal – Classic


Your self-love journal.

Your journey, which can sometimes take wonderfully difficult turns, only belongs to you. Your diary helps you create a space of clarity where your inner voice speaks louder than all those present in your life. It allows for much-needed introspection which helps you identify negative thoughts you could have internalized over time. Get your journal and start loving yourself more through journaling.

Softcover: $23.06  $18.06

Hardcover, dust jacket: $40.06 $34.06

Hardcover imagewrap: $42.31 $38.31

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Product Description

Dimension: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
202 Pages

On cream uncoated paper.

Delivery: 10 business days


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SOFTCOVER (Flexible, high-gloss laminated cover), HARDCOVER, DUST JACKET (Linen cover with full-color dust jacket and flaps), HARDCOVER, IMAGEWRAP (Cover design is printed on the hardcover )