September 28, 2017 nydia

Let your heart guide you

Hey love!

I hope this new year has started well for you.

Here is the self-love affirmation of the week:

I let my heart guide me through this self-love journey.

Your heart, on top of ensuring the proper circulation of your blood through your body, plays a role that we intuitively knew, but that science has only confirmed recently.

Equipped with its own brain, the heart communicates directly with the brain and the rest of our body to send them its own messages.

As survivors, we may have taught ourselves not to listen to it in order to protect ourselves and not be vulnerable.

The reality is that our heart is like a compass that seeks to lead us to more joy and happiness. So embarking on a self-love journey is also relearning to listen to your heart and let it play the role it was set out to do.

One way to do this is to listen to our intuition more and more. Start slowly if you’re not used to it. When you have to make a decision, try to go with the option that naturally comes to your mind, your “gut feeling”.
Acting in this way will help you better discern the voice of your heart and thus enjoy all the love and happiness you deserve.

Have a heartfelt week 😉 .