Hey love and welcome!


I’m so thrilled to see you here. You’re at the right place to start your

amazing self-love journey.



I want to walk with you on your path to complete and shameless

self-love to the best of my ability.



I’ve spent a lot of time working on building myself back up

and I want to share with you what I learned.



Let’s get started!

21 Days of Self-Love

(Re)Learn how to love yourself fully from head to spirit, one day at a time during this 21-day challenge.

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My Love Notes

Taking care of yourself when rape culture is all over the news

With the recent Weinstein scandal, sexual assault has been on everyone’s timeline. For us survivors of sexual traumas, this can be bittersweet. Although we know that breaking the silence around rape and abuse is a must for our societies to rid themselves of these ailments, hearing about it in a context where abusers often have as much if not more

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Make Me Time a Priority

Hey lovelies! This week's affirmation is: I make me time a priority. With everything going on, make sure to book yourself some me time this week. Just like the saying "You can't pour from an empty cup" implies, being the amazing person that you are who can positively impact your surroundings means making time to tend to your needs a

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Invest your time and energy

 Self-Love Affirmation of the Week I invest time and energy in my well-being. Learning how to put ourselves first requires intentional efforts because it's unnatural for so many of us. We've internalized so many messages telling us that we do not deserve to be happy or loved. Changing our ways won't happen overnight, but the time and energy we invest

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